About NTTI

Who We Are

The  National Telcommunication and Technology Institute (NTTI) is a governmental institute owned by the Ministry of Communications and Technology established under the directive of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) on 1974. The institute has been a vehicle for technical skills development and capacity building related to communications for the government and has produced over a thousand technicians and engineers that are now leading the telecommunications sector and/or involved in the development of the sector.

Ministry Officials

HE. Hon. Mohamed Adam Moalim Ali

Wasiirka Wasaaradda I&T

Xil. Axmed Cismaan Diiriye

Wasiiru Dowlaha Wasaaradda I&T

Md. Xuseen Axmed Culusoow

Wasiir ku Xigeenka WI&T

Cabdicasiis Duwane Isaaq

Agaasimaha guud WI&T

Mohamed Ahmed Abdulaahi

Agaasimaha NTTI